Project Description


Project Description.

Zen Digital has been a one-stop-shop services provider to Maker Lab in a Box by first developing a marketing plan for their roll out of maker education offerings. Following a successful marketing plan that helped them get out of having a reactive approach to instead having a proactive, well thought out approach, we helped them build a foundation by developing their website. The results were that they were able to more than double their revenues within the first year of implementation. We were also able to handle overflow 3D printing when they had hundreds of 3D objects to print for their school programs. Our 3D printer farm enabled us to print out in days what would have taken them months to do on their own.

We are now starting to help Maker Lab in a Box with its social media management, content creation with a focus on a new instructional video series on maker tech topics. We are also helping them with maker project kit packaging and design with our UV printing service.

“It’s been amazing being able to get our marketing plan, web development and hosting, 3D printing and packaging label printing done all from one high quality provider in one location. It simplifies things, saves us money and helps us keep a consistently high quality brand.” – David Jones, Founder