Video & Photography.

Video is becoming a key part of many companies`marketing program success and we have built up a talented team and production facility to help companies develop high quality video content that can help build their brand and in many cases lead to extra sales. Create regular compelling video content for your social media channels without breaking the bank. We also work with real estate professionals to create stand-out high quality listing videos. These videos focus on a relatively defined scope (e.g. showcasing a product, service or trend).

Pre-production and planning, production and post-production. With these videos we can go more in depth with interviews, editing and including drone shots.

We can create effective “explainer” videos to provide simple insights into your products or services.

Looking for a creative video team to lead your next music video project. Our experienced team can give you the creative edge.

We can shoot videos at your events, whether it’s a corporate function or an outdoor festival.

We can provide creative solutions to commercials without breaking the bank.

Our videographers have extensive experience with motion graphics and animations that can be developed on their own or as part of a video production.

Our in-house photography studio allows us the full flexibility to provide various professional photography services for different applications. Our photography services include; product photgraphy for advertisements on print or web, portrait & headshots, workplace and/ or lifestyle photography for print or web content. We work with both digital and film mediums to provide clients creative options depending on the desired look and application of the images.

If you already have in-house video capabilities but require a professional drone operator and videographer, we can help.



Our Equipment.

Having the right equipment for video production can make or break a video project. Zen Digital has invested in quality equipment to ensure the technical quality of your videos matches our top notch creative quality.

At Zen Digital, we are committed to producing the best quality product available for you our customer, and hope to be of assistance to you regarding all of your requirements. At Zen Digital, we have a wide range of equipment in house to ensure a quality result for your project. Where we need additional equipment, we have a solid network of partners we can rely on to augment our extensive equipment saving you time and money.


Featured Work.

Our work shows how passionate we are about what we do and how we put great ideas into action!


Bringing your ideas to life.